Why Data Den?

Why does my store need automated backups?

  • People make mistakes. Did you know that human error is one of the most common unpreventable events that causes downtime or wasted time? Whether it's a new employee, or a freelancer working on your store, rest assured that you'd be able to roll back any changes.
  • Hone in on SEO changes. If a recent adjustment to your product descriptions, titles, and other content or themes did not work in your favor, Warely makes it easy to roll back these content changes.
  • Third party apps compromise data. It can and does happen. Sometimes third party apps (custom or on the app store) can accidentally delete or change content such as themes, products, customers, pages, inventory, and more. Warely protects your store against these mistakes.
  • Manually exporting your data as CSVs is time consuming, unsustainable, and doesn't cover the majority of your content types.