Why do I have to install Warely Data Suite?

We get it - it's a bit odd having to install an additional app in order to proceed.

However, we promise it's designed this way to offer you the best in-class service and performance for your store.  I'm sure as a merchant, you are weary of installing too many third party apps - for good reason (https://outofthesandbox.com/blogs/shopify-theme-blog/apps-speed).  That's actually exactly why we require our Data Suite app to be installed first.

You see, we are well aware of the bloatware that many third party apps add to your store, and we've designed our app eco-system to avoid it.  

Data Suite serves as a framework for managing your Shopify connection with our servers, and combines all app requests, data transfers, and any external scripts (if any) into a singular request so that we can avoid slowing down your site, store performance, and more.

This unique approach is why so many merchants choose Warely to provide the extra features they need for their Shopify store.  We value your store performance, speed, and customers as much as you do.

As well, Data Suite:

  • Is 100% Free and easy to install
  • Is GDPR compliant and encrypts all data between our apps and your store
  • Securely stores a record of your Shopify data so we can minimize API requests
  • Allows you to roll back any changes, offering you peace of mind and security
  • Automatically creates backups, free of charge
  • Offers you a seamless experience when using one of our apps